• An Easier Way To Afford To Purchase A Vacation Condo: Turn It Into A Rental Property

    Owning a condominium in a popular vacation destination is great for several reasons. The first reason is it gives you a place to stay when you travel. The second reason is it gives you a way to make money. If you are concerned that you cannot afford to purchase a condo, you could consider using it to make money while you are not there. If you can do this, you might be able to afford to buy one after all. [Read More]

  • 5 Inspiring Vacation Ideas for Seniors

    Are you recently retired and wish to enjoy a well-deserved vacation? Would you like to mingle with others 55+ on your next voyage? There are several ways to get out and see the sights or experience something new and exciting. Whether for a few days or a few weeks, your vacation can be totally relaxing or full of adventure and exploration. Here are vacation ideas for the retiree or adventure-seeking senior: [Read More]

  • 2 Things You Should Do Before You Buy A Vacation Home

    After sitting in a dingy cubicle day after day staring at a computer screen, you might dream of owning a vacation getaway in a tropical destination. However, before you start scraping together a down payment, it is important to realize that choosing a property carefully is important. Here are two things you should do before you buy a vacation home, and why they might matter to you later: 1: Spend Time In The Property [Read More]

  • Got Big Plans For Your Small Family Reunion? Charter A Tour Bus This Summer

    If you plan to host a small family reunion this summer, why not add a special outing or tour to your list of things to do? While you're at it, charter a tour bus to get your loved ones around town. Charter bus services are the perfect mode of transportation for groups of 10 or more people. To get started on your plans and sign up for the best charter bus services, make a list of who's coming to the reunion and any special accommodations your beloved guests need. [Read More]

  • Three Tips For Enjoying Florida's Theme Parks With A Mobility Impaired Child

    Every family deserves a break from reality at least once a year, and now is the perfect time to start thinking about where your family will be vacationing this summer. Florida's theme parks are always a popular choice, and Florida attracts over 75 million visitors each year. When it comes to taking a holiday with a special needs child it is important that extra planning is put into the visit before you leave home. [Read More]