Benefits & Considerations of Making Your Next Family Vacation a Camping Trip

Posted on: 14 April 2017

Only about 10 percent of kids find time to spend outdoors experiencing nature every day. In fact, the average child only plays outside about 4 hours each week, which is less than half the time most adults spent playing outside when they were kids. Today's kids are missing out on valuable experiences while they sit inside playing on electronic devices and watching TV. One way to get kids outside and experiencing nature is to make your next family vacation a camping trip.

Benefits of Outdoor Play

Playing outside helps limit the risk of obesity, increase fitness levels and increase vitamin D levels. Kids who spend more time outside are less likely to become nearsighted and may experience fewer ADHD symptoms. Playing outside even helps limit stress and anxiety. Children who play outside have a chance to be creative, use their imagination and improve their physical skills as well as their communication and social skills.

Benefits of a Camping Vacation

Camping can be a less expensive way to travel, as once you have your tents and camping gear, the cost of staying at a campground can be half that of staying in a hotel. You can also cook your own meals and save money over eating in a restaurant. There's no way to avoid spending time outside in nature, and the experience will seem like an adventure to kids. Kids won't be able to sit glued in front of a TV.

For even more fun, choose a place with waterfront camping. Then you may be able to swim as well. Camping at national parks with hiking trails is another good way to have a more active family vacation.

Potential Considerations

Those who aren't a fan of camping in tents may want to opt for a campground that also has cabins or yurts available for rental. Another option is to use an RV for the trip. Then, as long as you camp where there are RV hookups, you'll even have a private bathroom with a toilet and a shower instead of having to hike to the ones for all campers to share. This also avoids some potential issues, such as getting stuck with a bumpy campsite or arriving late and having to set up tents in the dark.

Just keep in mind that while using your own RV can save money over driving and staying in hotels, the same isn't necessarily the case with a rental RV.

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