Hotel Safety Tips For Solo Business Travelers In Las Vegas

Posted on: 5 July 2017

If you are traveling for work and will be staying alone in a hotel in Las Vegas for the first time, then it is important you know how to keep yourself safe. While Las Vegas hotels are generally secure places, theft and other crimes do occasionally occur. To avoid being the victim of a crime while you are on your business trip, follow each of these tips:

Tip: Never Leave Your Luggage Unattended

Since the luggage belonging to most business travelers contains valuable items such as laptops and tablets, it is always a target for thieves. For this reason, you need to keep your luggage with you and never leave it unattended.

During your trip to Las Vegas, take each of these steps:

  • make sure you watch the taxi driver load your luggage into the car's trunk
  • place your luggage directly in front of your feet while paying for your taxi
  • place your bags at your feet while checking in for your flight
  • grab your luggage off of the conveyor belt as soon as it comes off of the plane

In addition, don't check your luggage at the hotel, instead, opt to carry your own luggage to your room. If you tend to pack heavier bags, then buy suitcases with wheels to make it easier for you to move from place to place.

Tip: Request a Hotel Room Above the Ground Floor but Not Too High in the Tower

When you are traveling alone, you should never stay on the ground floor of a hotel. Ground floor rooms are accessible by thieves who want to break into rooms they can easily reach without the assistance of a ladder. However, you also do not want to stay in a room that is too high up in the tower for a fire engine's ladders to reach you in the case of a fire. A safe bet is to ask for a room on the second or third floor.

Tip: Check Out Your Hotel Room Before Closing Its Door

When you arrive at your hotel room, open the door and prop it open with your luggage. Go inside of the room and verify no one is hiding in the room before you close the door. Make sure that you check the bathroom, shower, closets, and behind the drapes. Finally, verify the window and door locks work before you close the hotel room's door.