4 Ways You Can Use Airport Transportation To Impress Clients

Posted on: 1 March 2017

When a client is making the effort to fly in from another city to visit your business, it's important to make sure that the experience is a good one. When you really want to make a positive impact on a client or potential client, begin your efforts with transportation from the airport. 

Give a Surprise Upgrade

Is your client expecting you to send a cab or a simple car service to the airport? Why not make a great first impression by upgrading that transportation to a luxury vehicle. This will show that you are interested in the client's comfort, and will also impress upon the client that your company is willing to go out of its way to provide great service and that you aren't afraid of spending a little money when necessary. 

Have Gifts Waiting

Send your airport transportation professional to the pick-up location with a bag of gifts ready for the client. This can include promotional items from your company as well as any press release or literature the client might want to peruse.

Consider filling the rest of the bag with items that introduce the client to your hometown. Include any special products that are manufactured in your geographical area or food items made there. Your client will enjoy being treated to local specialties. 

Offer a Tour

Find out if the airport transportation provider you are using will also provide your client with a guided tour of your city. Many drivers who bring people to and from the airport can also be hired to take someone to various historically significant locations or fun places to visit. 

This gives your client a great introduction to your town, and it offers something to enjoy during down time. It's an alternative to sitting in a hotel room watching television or reading the newspaper. 

Take Care of the Family

Is your client bringing family along on the trip? You can earn the client's appreciation by offering something for the family to do as well. Hire your transportation company to pick up the family members at the airport or hotel and take them somewhere exciting while you conduct business with the client. 

If the client has young children, treat them to an amusement park or play area. If there are no kids, find out what the client's spouse enjoys and customize a trip. 

Airport transportation companies like Lincoln Yellow Cab can give you more than just taking a client from the airport to a hotel and back again. Consider these additions when it comes to making an impact on your client.