Three Absolute Must Do's When In Moab Utah

Posted on: 30 June 2016

There are some absolutely amazing things that you can do in the city of Moab, Utah. It is well known for the rugged beauty of the red rock and desert. With so many different things to do in the great city, it can be very difficult to decide what to do. This article will help you plan your trip by outlining three absolute must do's during your trip to Moab. This part of the country is adventure central and will give you memories that can last a lifetime. 

Colorado River Rafting

If you are looking to get out of the southern Utah desert heat, you might want to take a trip down the Colorado River. There are many different agencies that offer rafting trips. The great news is the trips range in length and difficulty. If you want to be on the river for a few days, agencies will be able to provide this experience for you. If you want to be on the water for a half day, the agency will be able to accommodate this trip as well. Rafting the Colorado River will provide you with the unique experience of seeing the amazing geology in the area from a raft.

Arches National Monument 

Delicate Arch is a geological phenomenon that is one of the most amazing formations to look at. The hike to see it is relatively short, coming in at just about a mile and a half one way, and is not technical. The beauty of the rugged desert of Utah truly shines through at Arches National Monument. You will be in the Utah desert, so you should be sure to take plenty of water to drink during the hike as you might be sweating a great deal. 

Slick Rock Bike Trails

Adventure is the name of the game when visiting Moab, and you absolutely must try the slick rock bike trails located in Moab. The slick rock is just a really beautiful red sandstone that makes for fantastic mountain biking. There are different bike trails that range in difficulty, so it does not matter if you are an extremely accomplished biker or are brand new to riding a mountain bike, you will find a trail to fit your level. When you are in Moab and you want to see the amazing Utah desert up close and personal, going along these bike trails is the way to go.