What Sets Family Resorts Apart From Other Resorts?

Posted on: 27 October 2022

If you are planning a family vacation and want to stay at a resort, it is important to look for a resort that is specifically advertised as a "family resort." Although other resorts may allow you to come and stay with kids, only those advertised as family resorts are truly set up to accommodate you and your youngsters. Here are some of the more specific ways in which family resorts set themselves apart.

Kid-Friendly Meal Options

Resorts are generally seen as places where you can enjoy luxurious food — food that you would not normally order at home. As an adult, you may think these typical resort dishes are really delicious. But chances are, they won't appeal to picky kids. Typically, family resorts offer a kids' menu or at least some dishes that are better suited to younger palates. If you stay at a family resort, you won't spend the week trying to convince your kids to try lobster ravioli or shrimp scampi!


Not all family resorts offer babysitting, but many do. If you and your partner, or you and the other adults, want to head off and partake in some activities without kids, you can have a sitter come to your suite or room at the resort. The sitter may even take them to do specific activities at the resort, such as playing on a playground or splashing at a splash pad. Your kids get to have fun, and you get a break from supervising them.

Family-Oriented Suites

When you stay at a family resort, there are typically suits and rooms where you can more easily stay with kids. There may be a suite with two or three bedrooms instead of just one, for instance. Some rooms may even have cribs for the youngest in your group. Typical resorts that cater only to adults don't always have such family-friendly layouts.

Kid-Appropriate Atmosphere

Some of the activities that take place at conventional resorts may not be things you want your kids to see or participate in. Performers may not all be family friendly. But when you stay at a family resort, performers tend to be more censored, and activities tend to be appropriate for kids to either participate in or observe.

If you're traveling with kids, it is a good idea to stay at a resort that's marketed as "family friendly." These resorts are set up with your kids' needs and your own needs in mind.

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