Party Boat Tours

Posted on: 24 May 2022

Embarking on a party boat tour will allow you to enjoy scenery and wildlife or spend time dining with your friends and participating in some activities that are featured aboard a watercraft. A party boat rental that is furnished through a local outfitter may require that you pay an hourly rate. Some outfitters may supply everything needed for a tour and others may request that the boat riders should furnish some items. 

A Boat Tour

The most important part of an upcoming boat trip is the travel route that a watercraft will follow. You and anyone who will be attending a boat outing with you will want to be intrigued by the body of water and scenic attributes that will be featured. A party boat may be available to rent during the day or the evening. The difference between these two times could greatly impact how you and your guests will perceive the experience.

A day trip will be best-suited for those who would like to soak up the sun or enjoy the beautiful views of the water. A night trip can be just as appealing but may be better suited for those who would like to retain their focus on what is actually occurring on a watercraft. A party boat may feature karaoke, dancing, live entertainment, or fine dining. 

The Cost And The Inclusions/Exclusions

The cost of participating in a boat tour will be dependent upon your group size. A boat outfitter may charge an hourly rate and add a gratuity to it. Party boat tours may come with an open bar or a cash bar. An open bar will require a monetary payment that is based on the number of people who will be drinking.

A cash bar will require you and your guests to pay for each beverage that is ordered. If a party boat does not offer either beverage option, you and your guests will be required to purchase alcohol in advance and bring it along on the tour. Before investing in alcoholic beverages, inquire about a boating outfitter's policies.

There may be a limit to the amount and type of alcohol that can be brought on board. If a boat features a kitchen and dining area, you and your guests can enjoy the food that is prepared fresh. Otherwise, you may need to make preparations to bring along some food items that you and your boating companions can indulge in.