When Is Short Term Parking Worth It?

Posted on: 8 November 2021

If you are going to be traveling in the near future, you may be wondering where to park your car. If you are going to drive yourself to the airport, there are usually two options available: long-term and short-term parking. Long-term parking may be cheaper each day, but in reality, short-term parking may be the better option for you. Here are a few reasons why this may be the case. 

Same Day Trips for Work

If you are going to be gone for less than 24 hours, the cost of a short-term parking lot will likely be comparable to long-term parking. Most airports will charge you a certain amount if you are going to be parked there for more than 4 hours, which is usually called "daily maximum parking Since the price is very close to long-term parking, the additional perks of short-term parking are what makes it worth it. 

Improved Security

Most short-term parking lots are in a garage that is located as close to the terminals as you can park. Parking in a garage is safer than parking outside since it will completely shield your car from the elements that may arise while you are out and about. Additionally, garage security will likely be more stringent, since they will likely employ security cameras. If you want your car to be safe from the elements and potential thieves for your short trip, short-term parking is your safest bet. 

Distance To Terminal

Potentially the biggest perk of short-term parking is how close your car will be to the terminal. Your time is worth money, right? Why waste it being shuttled and walking for miles every time you need to make a little business trip? Getting to and from your car will be substantially quicker when you park in a short-term lot. People who make frequent day trips for business understand that every second counts and they will make more money the more time they can save on each trip. Paying a few dollars more to park in short-term parking is worth it if you can save time, and prevent potential break-ins. Don't waste time walking to and from your car. 

If you make frequent quick trips for work, short-term airport parking is going to be your best friend. Every airport has different hourly rates, so check with the airport in your area before you travel for an idea of how much parking will cost. Safe travels!