4 Reasons to Book a Hotel for an Anaheim Angels Baseball Game

Posted on: 29 July 2021

The Anaheim Angels play at the Anaheim Stadium and host thousands of fans every year for their home games against other teams in the MLB. If you purchased tickets to an Angels game, then you also have to consider your travel plans. Instead of driving to and from the game, learn about some benefits associated with a hotel stay. Hotels near Anaheim Stadium often come with many advantages and can completely transform your baseball game experience.

1. Parking Spot Options

When you drive directly to the stadium, you have to find a parking spot and weave through lines of traffic before you're fully settled. If you book a hotel room, many of the nearby hotels have their own lots or parking garages exclusively for hotel guests. Some of the hotels also feature valet parking so you do not need to search for a spot. With the hotel option, you can park early, check into your room, and relax before the game begins. There is no reason to stress out before you even get inside the stadium.

2. Reduced Traffic

Not only will a hotel provide you with easy parking options, but you do not have to worry about the mass exodus that occurs at the end of every game. Many of the hotels located near Anaheim Stadium are located within walking distance.

You do not have to get stuck in traffic and will reach your hotel room quickly. A long game could be exhausting and you will have the opportunity to relax a lot faster with your own room. The next day, you can leave on your own schedule and head out when there is the least amount of traffic around.

3. Stadium Drinks

Baseball stadiums are known for serving fresh beers on tap and you do not have to set a limit for yourself if you book a hotel room. You do not need to worry about driving yourself, bringing a designated driver, or relying on a ride-share service. Enjoy a couple of drinks and then walk back to your hotel room to sober up overnight before you drive the next day.

4. Tourist Attractions

The area around Anaheim Stadium includes a lot more than just baseball games. While the game is likely a main highlight, you can book a hotel room and give yourself a lot more time to explore. The extra day in the area gives you a chance to shop, dine at restaurants, or visit a tourist attraction.

Make a hotel room a regular thing any time you go to a baseball game in the area. After your first booking, you will see how the benefits fit into your personal plans and schedule.