Destination Wedding? What of Your Guests' Expenses Should You Pay?

Posted on: 4 May 2021

Are you planning a destination wedding? Destination weddings are a unique nuptial arrangement as both guests and hosts travel from other locations. One decision that every couple must make for themselves, though, is how much of their guests' travel expenses to pay. What are you obligated to pay for and what might you pick up depending on your budget? Here are three scenarios to consider at various price points. 

Pay for the Minimum

At a minimum, of course, those hosting a wedding pay for the meals involved in the festivities themselves. In both a traditional wedding and destination nuptials, this includes a meal during the reception and meals for those helping the bride or groom with preparation or disassembly of the venue. Most destination weddings don't include a cocktail hour, but you could add this to a budget by buying a round of signature drinks. 

In addition, destination wedding etiquette usually includes paying for a brunch on the morning after the wedding. This is considered a thank-you gift for guests who've traveled at their own expense. 

Pay for Limited Expenses

If your budget allows you to do more than just what's required, add in some perks as you can. Arranging for transportation to and from the airport, for instance, is a kindness that offsets some costs but won't break the budget of the wedding couple. You might also pick up one meal per day, usually breakfast, to help out guests. 

Another mid-range option is to plan a group activity and pay for it yourself. It might be a shared snorkeling trip, a tour of the destination city, or a big dinner on the day everyone arrives. This gesture will be noted and stand out because it's a surprise addition. But you can also often save money by doing just one event as a bulk purchase. 

Pay for Many Expenses

Are you saving a lot of money by skipping the big wedding and reception? If so, put that money into helping out some or all of your guests. You might pay for the flights or hotel costs for certain VIPs that may not otherwise be able to attend. Or, cover one major expense—either meals or hotel rooms—for the entire group of attendees. A couple who can make a grand gesture like this really shows they value their guests.

As you plan your destination wedding, your budget is everything. For more assistance, contact services like Georgios Banquets, Quality Inn & Suites Conference Centre.