Looking To Keep Your Wedding Costs Low? Start With Finding An Ideal Venue

Posted on: 26 July 2017

At some point after getting engaged, you will want to start planning your wedding. It is important to come up with a realistic budget early on so that you can figure out the kind of wedding you will have. If you are interested in keeping the costs on the lower side, you will need to get a bit strategical with how you go about planning this occasion because it is easy for the expenses to add up rather quickly. An ideal place to start is with the venue as it will set you up for everything else that is needed for the wedding.

Get Your Own Catering

In a major city, it should be easy to find dozens of wedding venues of all sorts. But, there will be some businesses that can provide a venue, but will only do so when they cater the wedding. This is perfect for those who are willing to spend a little more money, but you will want to find a venue that allows you to do your own catering. With this control, you will have an easier time controlling the expenses. It is also common for the venues that use their own catering to provide decorations, music, and more, but you should be able to search around to get these services at an affordable rate when doing it on your own.

Low Reservation Fee

Renting out a space for a few hours or most of the day will cost a certain amount of money. To maximize savings, you want to find wedding venues that have a low reservation fee. If you live or frequent the center area of the city, you may want to look outward a bit to find lower price tags on reservations. It is also possible to save money by picking a weekday and certain months when weddings are not as common.

Prioritize Intimacy

High capacity venues will usually cost more to reserve than low capacity ones. Having a wedding with 100 guests is going to require you to spend a lot of money on services to accommodate this many people. So, you should prioritize intimacy and try to put together a guest list with close family and friends. It will help you save some money on the event venue as well as just about every other aspect of the wedding.

Taking action with these tips will help you enjoy a beautiful wedding without spending a lot of money.