5 Inspiring Vacation Ideas for Seniors

Posted on: 23 July 2015

Are you recently retired and wish to enjoy a well-deserved vacation? Would you like to mingle with others 55+ on your next voyage? There are several ways to get out and see the sights or experience something new and exciting. Whether for a few days or a few weeks, your vacation can be totally relaxing or full of adventure and exploration. Here are vacation ideas for the retiree or adventure-seeking senior:

1. A Vacation Cruise for Seniors

Pick your destination and set sail. From the sunny beaches of Hawaii to the frozen tundra of Alaska, a cruise for the senior crowd may be just the ticket to relaxation, at a slower and quieter pace you can appreciate. This means you won't be subject to loud music and partying from the younger set, or the flurry of activity from children on board.

Most cruise tours for seniors include on-board activities tailored for those of your age. This may include dance lessons for seniors or arts and crafts. You may also prefer the casino-type games or bingo.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery and panoramic view as you cruise at a leisurely pace. Dining options will also be tailored to the older set, with healthy menu choices. If you're traveling alone, you may have the opportunity to share a cruise cabin with another senior. This may save you money and offer you companionship at the same time.

2. A Senior Fly & Drive Tour

With this type of vacation, you'll reach your destination by plane, then be free to explore the sights on your own in a rented vehicle. Stay for a few days, a week or longer. This is ideal for seniors who wish to explore at their own pace.

You might chose an island getaway or perhaps a mountain retreat. Relax on the sunny shores, or do a little fishing on the lake. Your travel agent may offer up ideas and take care of hotel accommodations for you.

3. An Escorted Rail Tour

If the thought of driving or even flying round trip seems grueling, you might want to consider a guided train vacation. On your rail tour, you'll enjoy the sights in a comfortable, climate-controlled environment, without the taxing challenge of hiking or walking to various tourist attractions.

Another advantage many seniors enjoy while traveling by rail is the lack of confinement. Unlike a plane ride, you're free to get up and move around. Visit the lounge car and mingle with the other passengers, or wander down to the lower level for snacks and refreshments.

The overnight rail trips private comfortable sleeping accommodations for couples or singles. Additionally, many escorted senior rail tours offer hotel bookings, so you're free of the hassle.

4. A Guided Motor Coach Day Trip

Do you want to enjoy a day trip rather than an extended stay? Guided senior bus tours may include a small number of passengers (typically under 15 people) or a larger tour group of 30-40 individuals. Take a bus trip to the big city where your guide will show you the sights and highlights.

Visit the museums, see a show, and enjoy fabulous dining. It's a quiet and relaxing choice for seniors. If you prefer, choose a bus tour to the beach, where you may stroll the boardwalk and shop for souvenirs.

Motor coach day trips are typically seasonal, with optimal times being spring, summer and early fall. Buses are climate controlled and comfortable, with over-sized seats and restrooms.

5. A Volunteer Vacation for Retirees

With extra time on your hands now that you're retired, why not volunteer your talents on your next vacation? Organizations offer travel opportunities for seniors who wish to get involved and help the less fortunate. For instance, you might become involved in a children's aid mission overseas, or volunteer your time tutoring foreign students abroad. Plant a garden for schoolchildren in a far away land, nurture an orphaned baby, or teach children English.

A volunteer vacation, also known as a service vacation, will offer you the chance to get out of your own environment for a while and experience new cultures and sights. At the same time you will be helping others in need through various projects and efforts. Many retirees find this type of vacation most rewarding.

Whatever your style and preference, this is your time to relax and enjoy life. Plan ahead for the best accommodations and pricing. While planning your getaway, don't forget to inquire about special discounts for seniors. For more information on vacation packages, contact services like Sands Resorts.