Got Big Plans For Your Small Family Reunion? Charter A Tour Bus This Summer

Posted on: 16 March 2015

If you plan to host a small family reunion this summer, why not add a special outing or tour to your list of things to do? While you're at it, charter a tour bus to get your loved ones around town. Charter bus services are the perfect mode of transportation for groups of 10 or more people. To get started on your plans and sign up for the best charter bus services, make a list of who's coming to the reunion and any special accommodations your beloved guests need. Here's what you need to do.

Do a Head Count of Your Family Visitors

Even if you plan to have a small family reunion, it's essential that you take a head count of everyone who plans to arrive to your home. The list also gives you an idea of how large or small to charter your bus for. A small gathering can quickly become a large one in no time — especially if some family members arrive at the last minute or bring other guests. 

Before you schedule your tour or charter a bus, email or call your loved ones to see if they plan to bring along extended family members, such as the parents and cousins of their spouses. The list helps you plan:

  • Where to go on your tour — Choose a place that accommodates any size of crowd easily, such as a local amusement park, popular museum or zoo, for your tour.
  • How much to ask each person to contribute to the tour — A number of family reunion planners request financial assistance from other family members, so don't feel uncomfortable about doing so yourself. However, explain why you need the help to keep the family reunion happy and stress-free.
  • When to go on your tour — Some loved ones need additional sleep after they arrive because they come from different cities or states. Keep this courtesy in mind during your planning. You don't want to schedule events or your charter bus too early in the morning.
  • What size to choose for your charter bus — If you don't have enough room to accommodate everyone, you'll need to obtain an emergency bus, or ask the extra people to drive their own vehicles during the tour.

Before you give the list to the charter company, be sure to ask your loved ones about any special needs or limitations they have. 

See Who Has Special Needs

Loved ones who use a mobile device, such as a wheelchair or walker, require special considerations during the tour. The charter bus should have a wheelchair lift to help mobility-impaired family members get on and off the vehicle easily without placing stress on them or you.

You should also obtain a bus that features:

  • Low steps in the entrance of the bus — The low steps make if easier on people to get on and off the bus, especially if they have arthritis or some other painful condition in the legs, feet, hips, and ankles.
  • Handrails — Anyone who lacks the leg strength to walk up the bus' steps requires the use of handrails to assist them. 
  • Restroom — If some family members have bladder-control issues that make them feel uncomfortable about their personal care and health, you'll need a charter bus with a private restroom. 

Additionally, people who take medications at certain times of the day need access to water or other liquids, as well as a place to rest if the medications make them feel drowsy or queasy. Choose a bus that has let-down seats or a lounger in the back. 

Now, it's time to contact the charter bus company and give them the list of services you need for your tour. It's a good idea to choose and schedule your tour a week or so ahead of your expected family reunion. If anything changes, it'll give you time to add new services or remove any that you don't need.