Three Tips For Enjoying Florida's Theme Parks With A Mobility Impaired Child

Posted on: 10 February 2015

Every family deserves a break from reality at least once a year, and now is the perfect time to start thinking about where your family will be vacationing this summer. Florida's theme parks are always a popular choice, and Florida attracts over 75 million visitors each year. When it comes to taking a holiday with a special needs child it is important that extra planning is put into the visit before you leave home. Here are three tips that you should keep in mind before you start paying booking deposits for a family vacation to Florida this summer.


If you are planning to fly to Florida then you have two choices when it comes to transport. You can either hire a rental car that is fit out with mobility ramps, or you can use a local taxi service.

When considering hiring a rental car you will need to make this booking early as not all rental car companies offer vehicles that are suitable for those who are mobility impaired. Try checking out a taxi service at to see if they offer vehicles for the mobility impaired. If you are not having any luck finding a suitable vehicle with the major car rental companies you could check on a disability website to see what transport options are available in the area.

Many families find it easier to use the services of local transportation services that are set up to transport disabled children. This way they can avoid queues for parking lots, and be dropped at the front main gates. Make sure you get the business card of the transportation driver so that you can easily arrange collection for when you are ready to leave.

Theme Park Rides and Queues

While all major park attractions in Florida have access for mobility impaired children, not all of the rides are suitable for kids with mobility issues. There may be a lack of storage space for the wheelchair, or the ride may not be suitable for a person who cannot move freely.

Before you purchase tickets for entry to any theme parks it would be wise to telephone the customer department to check the following details:

  • which rides are mobility impaired friendly
  • if the queues for the rides are wide enough to accommodate your child's wheelchair
  • inquire whether they offer a return pass system for the disabled so that they do not need to spend time waiting in a queue

The summer heat combined with large crowds and long queue times can make a day at a theme park long for the most mobile of people. If the theme park does not offer complimentary front-of-the-queue passes for those who are mobility impaired, it is a good investment to work the purchase cost of these into your budget.

Park Entry Timing

Some of the larger theme parks offer guests at associated hotels early access to their parks. This entry can be up to an hour earlier than the main crowds. This should be taken into consideration when choosing the hotel as the early access time is a great way to get on the popular rides before the long queues develop.

The other good time to hit the theme park for shorter queues is during the prime dining times in the evening. The temperatures will be cooler, and many families will be away from the rides and feeding their children. This will mean your children can get on the most-loved rides quicker.

While taking a mobility impaired child to a theme park may take extra planning, it is still worth it to see the joy on a child's face when they are enjoying all of the fun attractions Florida has to offer. The sooner you start planning this vacation of a lifetime, the more time you have to get excited about your upcoming summer adventure.